Energy Efficiency of Concrete

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Concrete is, ton-for-ton, the most widely used construction material in the world. There are many benefits this material offers, not just for residential properties but also towering commercial structures. If you’re looking for concrete Midland TX, you’ve come to the right place

Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or architect, you may be wondering whether concrete is the right choice for your project. If so, you’re probably also looking for a reliable Midland concrete contractor. 

Before we talk about Midland Concrete Co. and our services, let’s look at what concrete is and what are some of the benefits this material offers. 

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a construction material consisting of an inert substance called aggregate (which is commonly sand or gravel) and a bonding agent (typically a mixture of cement and water). In structure, it’s similar to clay, as it hardens over time. 

There are non-cement concrete types as well that utilize other bonding agents such as lime putty or Portland cement. The most popular non-cement concrete is asphalt concrete, which uses a bitumen binder. 

When the aggregate is mixed with cement and water, it turns into a slurry that’s easy to use and shape. This is why concrete has many applications in construction. 

Benefits of Concrete

Considering concrete contractors Midland TX? Here are the benefits of using concrete:

Durable and Resilient

Concrete lasts considerably longer than many other building materials such as mortar, bricks, steel, and wood. While other materials wear out over time, concrete only gets stronger. This is why old concrete-built buildings are still standing even after decades, and in some cases, centuries. 

Not only is it durable but also resilient in the face of environmental impacts. Concrete is not vulnerable to burning, rotting, or rusting, like some of the other common building materials. It can withstand the test of time and bear environmental factors seamlessly. 

Energy Efficiency

The ability of concrete to maintain the interior temperature makes it an energy-efficient and eco-friendly material. It can keep the structure cool in summers and warm in winters. Therefore, it reduces the need for heating and cooling. 

With cold winters and hot summers in Midland concrete is the best choice for a variety of construction projects. 

Zero Emissions

As an inert substance, cured concrete doesn’t emit any kind of gas, making it totally emission-free. This makes it good for the environment, given how problematic climate change has become. 


Concrete is also completely recyclable. Old concrete bits can be broken down and recycled into aggregate to make other concrete products. It can also be recycled to make stones. Recycled concrete is most commonly used as a base material for roads and parking lots.


Concrete is a highly versatile material whose properties and benefits can make it useful for a variety of construction projects. From building foundations to driveways, this material can be molded into any kind of shape as per the needs of the project. Nowadays, concrete companies are coming up with more innovative products that are sustainable and expand the applications of the material. 

Common Construction Uses of Concrete

Looking for concrete Midland TX? There are so many applications of this durable material:

Concrete Midland TX

At Midland Concrete Co., we take pride in being one of the best concrete contractors Midland TX. We provide a wide range of products and services, made with locally sourced materials. Whether you want to install a driveway for your home or construct retaining walls, we have your construction needs covered with our quality products. 

Not just that, our experts can also advise you on your specific project, help you choose the best type of concrete to suit your construction needs. Our services are not limited to commercial projects, as we also cater to homes and condo buildings. 

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Five Reasons to Upgrade
Your Concrete Patio

By Midland Concrete Co

If you have a concrete patio, then you should be aware of the wear and tear that it will take over time. It is inevitable that your concrete patio will need replacement at some point in the future. If this sounds like something you would like to avoid, read on! This blog post provides 5 reasons why your concrete patio needs replacement now.

First, cracking or chipping in your concrete patio could be a safety hazard. If concrete starts to crack or chip, then it is telling you that the concrete needs a new layer of concrete. But how do you know when this is happening? Well, one way would be if your concrete patio has become hollow underfoot. Not only does this cause issues with safety and comfort, but also in maintaining the beauty of your concrete patio. If a crack occurs, it is pretty simple to repair.

Second, concrete patios are a better option for wet areas.  If you have a concrete patio and it has been in place for over 20 years, then there is probably some moisture trapped within the cracks of your concrete that needs to be addressed with replacement or sealing. Over time this will cause issues such as weeds growing through the concrete and uneven leveling of your concrete could cause tripping hazards.

Third, concrete patios can attract dirt and debris.  A concrete patio needs to be sealed with an oil or water repellent sealant in order to avoid becoming a place for dust and dirt buildup. This is especially important if you have children playing on your concrete patio often because it will become dirty more quickly than one without these issues.

Fourth, concrete can crack and chip from being too hot or cold.  If you have a concrete patio in an area where the temperature fluctuates widely throughout the year, then your concrete may need replacement sooner than expected. This is because concrete doesn’t do well with drastic fluctuations in temperature. Concrete will start to break down during these changes. New concrete today tends to stand the test of time longer and survive better in the elements.

Fifth, concrete can become uneven with time.  This is because concrete will shrink more than it expands over time due to seasonal changes in the weather. As concrete shrinks, it will start to crack and chip easily which could mean you need a new layer of concrete on top of your old concrete slab that has shrunken.

For all of these reasons listed above, it would be a great idea to contact the concrete contractors Midland TX done right.